Baudis DNA Racer Strong (no servos)

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The Baudis DNA Racer is a model designed for the category of Sport Class/GPS-triangle racing.


  • Strong version (160g carbon / herex / 160g carbon)
  • Protective bags for wings and elevators are included
  • Includes pack with all accessories for model finishing (LDS sets, linkage, wirings, servo frames, clevis, connector, etc. - all that is necessary for finishing)
  • 1.5kg of ballast for the wings
  • Full composite glass, Kevlar and carbon construction
  • Designed for 4S operation
  • 6 servos in the wings and 2 for the v-tail
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Baudis DNA Racer Strong (no servos)

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Product Information

The Baudis DNA Racer concept is based on F3B design principles - having an easy electric-powered model to fly thermals and super good performance in distance and speed tasks. The full composite construction makes for a light, stiff, and slippery model. The yellow and blue colour scheme really stands out.

With a wingspan of 5m and an area of about 100dm2, it becomes a real option to perform at its maximum in GPS-triangle distance flying. It has an F3B based profile and shares the wings with the Diana 2 Scale 1/3 model. As expected, the performance of this model is very high, an aspect ratio of 24.5 gives this model a good glide ratio for distance flying. This model is designed to have an electric power system, and despite its very reduced dimensions, it has enough space to hold all the equipment inside the fuse. First results in the competition were very successful, winning and taking 3rd place. The DNA Racer also achieved the top three positions in the speed task.

Even with the competition design brief, this is a sweet flying model with no vices.


Jiri Baudis
Sport Class Gps-Triangle
Pflug Drik
Wing Area
Aspect Ratio