What are Aerobatic Drones?

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Aerobatic JR Drone

What’s even better than a drone? A 3D drone. If you haven’t heard of it before, you’re about to – 3D flight is about to take off. Picture this…quadcopters executing low-altitude moves. We’re talking the kind of fearless stunts that pilots have only ever dreamed of.


What is Aerobatic Flying?

The concept is simple. Aerobatic flying is intentional manoeuvres performed below the pilot’s stall speed. Manoeuvres such as flips, rolls, flick rolls, inverted and pirouetting flight. Manoeuvres under the 3D category use momentum conservation to keep the drone up in the air such as tumbles and stall turns.  Aerobatic flying is typically more precise with 3D flying is all out craziness.

Aerobatic drones need to have a lot of power to aggressively manoeuvre – coupled with unique skills of the pilot.  Various flight modes on modern day flight controllers assist the pilot to conduct these extreme manoeuvres.  Tumbling through the air or just plain flipping out, these flight controllers can help recover giving pilots the ability to push the boundaries with tricks never dreamt of before! 

Improve your flying and ability and try some aerobatics today!


The tricks of the trade

They don’t call it an aerobatic drone for nothing. Let’s take a look a couple of our favourites.

Blade 200 QX 3D

The triple backflip

There’s the triple backflip, which is great for beginners. It doesn’t take too much time to learn the skill to pull this trick off. All you need to do is increase altitude and hold the direction longer. This is one of the most impressive tricks.

The roll

Probably the easiest trick to do, the roll can be executed to the left or to the right side.

Go full power to get altitude, full aileron to the left, then reduce throttle half way. Make sure you keep the aileron on the left, until your quad is level.

At half turn backup throttle once again, to keep your height. Once you’re ready to flip, go full throttle for a moment. The key here is retaining height.

The dive-bomber  

This requires a medium skill level, and it’s when the drone starts high and then suddenly swoops low.

To begin, fly at a comfortable altitude and speed. Move the left stick down to decrease throttle, which will drop the drone. As it gets closer to the ground, pull back on the right stick and throttle up with the left. Simple, huh?

The orbit

This one is easy. The orbit happens when your drone flies in a circle at low altitude, around a centre point.

First, you want to gain some altitude. With the drone facing towards you, choose a point to orbit. This could be clockwise. As you’re holding altitude, move the left stick to the left while controlling orbit speed with the right stick. And, hold

There are a bunch of other cool moves, like the take-off roll – which is exactly as cool as it sounds.



What Aerobatic drones can I buy?

So, what sorts of 3D drones are available for me?

Here are a few of the leading 3D and aerobatic drones.

JR Ninja 400

Made for aerobatics, the JR Ninja comes equipped with four custom-designed brushless motors. Connected to fixed-pitch propellers that reverse quick fast, the Ninja is extremely flexible.

Its carbon main frame houses an individually tuned six-axis stabilisation system. This is where you can connect your XBus receiver. Set up is a breeze and it’s an affordable model to get started on.


Blade 200QX

Known for its unique sporting style, the Blade 200QX is compact and easy to fly. There are three new flight modes available – Stability, Stagility, and Agility.

In Stability mode, your drone throttle is offset to operate from 51-100% - preventing you from accidently spiralling into the ground when you’re transitioning out of an internal flight.

Stagility mode gives you the power to automatically self-level when the control sticks are free.

And then there’s Agility, which is great for experienced pilots. You can make use of its full 3D capabilities, as the 0-50% throttle gives you reversed thrust – and positive thrust from 51-100%.


Blade Nano QX 3D

The Blade Nano QX is a popular 3D drone choice. It’s affordable, comes fully assembled, and flies easily, inverted. It can flip 180° and 360° in any direction, and its reversible motors provide positive and negative thrust.

Multiple flight modes are available – making aerobatics a piece of cake. Your pitch and roll limits are locked in Stability mode. This helps limit the flight envelope.

Electronic self-levelling is also available, giving you positive stability once you let the sticks go. Other modes, such as EVO mode, lets you flip 180 degrees from upright to inverted, and repeat again.

And that’s just the start of what these quadcopters are capable of.


Ready to get flip, and roll high up in the sky? The 3D quadcopter is easier to fly, less costly when it comes to repairs, and offers greater robustness.

Check out all of our leading 3D & aerobatic drones. There’s something for everyone! We sell parts and accessories too.

More drone goodness next time!