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Sebart Katana 50e V2 RC Plane, ARF Blue

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An aerobatic wonder, the Katana 50e from Sebart is a highly-capable RC plane with excellent details.

  • High contrast color scheme
  • Lightweight balsa/ply construction
  • High quality pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Tail surfaces with airfoils
  • Removable two piece plug-in wings
  • Covered in authentic UltraCote
  • Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder
  • Fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction manual
  • Complete hardware package
  • Pre-painted aluminum landing gear

The Katana Can

Takings its place among Sebart's superb range of dynamic RC planes, the new Katana S 50e was designed by Italian aerobatic pilot Sebastiano SIlvestri. The design is based on his famous Katana S competition airplane, which featured at the Tournament of Champions. This ARF plane is the result of Sebastiano's long research into 3D performance. The Katana S 50e has a very lightweight structure with an all-wood airframe and large control surfaces. This gives the plane an amazing thrust-to-weight ratio and crisp control authority at any airspeed and flight conditions. Each aileron on this RC plane is controlled by an indvidual servo.


Sebart have designed this plane to have short and direct linkages. This makes roll control precise, positive, dependable and simple to set up. The Katana's large control surfaces and full deflection throws enable it to react quickly to 3D control inputs. Just like the Mytho S, extreme aerobatic maneuvers are all possible with this remote control plane. Knife edges, high alphas, inverted uprights, harriers, torque rolls, blenders, waterfalls - if you can name it, the Katana can do it.


With its moulded fibreglass cowl and wheel pants painted to match the trim scheme, Sebart's attention to detail with the Katana is excellent (there is also a yellow Katana if you are interested). You will also notice how the trim schemes on the top and bottom are distinctively different, making it easy for you to follow the model's orientation during aerobatic maneuvers. For the adventurous aerobatic pilot, the Katana S 50e is a dream of an RC plane. Order yours now.


If you like this plane, you should also check out the Sebart Miss Wind.

What you Need
  • Motor. We recommend the Dualsky XM5060EA-7 (DSXM5060EA-7)
  • Transmitter. We recommend the Spektrum DX7S (SPM78001AU)
  • Battery. We recommend the Dualsky Ultra 70 (DSBXP38506ULT)
  • ESC. We recommend the Dualsky XC8018BA (DSXC8018BA)
  • Servos. We recommend the JR DS9521 servos (JRPS9521HV)
  • Propeller. We recommend the APC 16 x 10 electric propeller (APCLP16100E)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR7610 (SPMAR7610)
Wing Span
Wing Area
49 dm2
2.250 kg RTF less battery
Radio Required
4 Channel - 4 standard Servos

All product manuals are provided by the manufacturer. If you don't find the manual or information you are looking for, contact our experts for help.

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