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Just released!
Blade 350 QX2

An new version of the original 350 QX, the Blade 350 QX2 comes with new features and software to give you the best aerial photography experience.

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Blade 350 Drone

Comes with a duralumin frame

Bold in its appearance and performance, the GSR260Z RC helicopter kit from JR is a fantastic model with a duralumin frame.

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JR RC Helicopter

Losi LST XXL 2

Equipped with a Dynamite .31 cubic inch gasoline engine and AVC Technology, the Losi LST XXL 2 is one of the most formidable RC monster trucks around.

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Gas RC Monster Truck, RTR

Unique all-in-one charger
TP 610 Charger

The Best AC-DC charger on the Market! LIION, LIPO, LIFE, NICD, NIMH, LEAD ACID capabilities from Thunder Power

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AC/DC Charger

Water-resistant coating
Spektrum SR201

Simple and compact in design, the SR201 receiver offers basic 2-channel DSMR control with Reliakote TM water-resistant coating.

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Spektrum Sport Receiver

New and upgraded parts

Offering new and upgraded parts, the 22 SCT 2.0 race kit from TLR is a high performance machine.

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TLR 2WD Race Kit
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